Search Modern Furniture Faster Than Ever

We are excited to announce a new STIR website that allows you to search modern furniture currently offered by Ideon, SitOnIt, HBF, and others in one convenient location! This is part of a larger effort to make finding the right items for your next commercial interior project easier, whether by visiting our recently remodeled showroom, or our newly expanded website. Before you try our furniture catalog search, here is what you can expect:

  • Search by keyword. If you know exactly what your are looking for this will search not only the title, but the description, of the hundreds of items in our catalog.
  • Filter by price. Maybe you have a budget in mind, this is a great way to limit the results to just those items that fit your price range. (Note that the displayed prices are just for guidance and my vary by materials and finishes)
  • Filter by category. This is a great way to browse everything we have in a particular category or filter the results by price and category for even more accuracy.
  • Filter by manufacturer. Sometimes you know the brand you trust, and you just want to see all or part of what they have to offer. Doing so is now easy and the same across all of our brands.

The newly expanded site and furniture catalog is mobile friendly. That means you can grab the information you need whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you are an end-user planning out your new commercial interior, a designer or architect creating the look of a new space, or one of our local partners, come visit our furniture catalog to search modern furniture from the world’s top brands. We’re grateful for the help of our creative friends at Freehive who built the site and excited to provide you with the best experience possible while you create the best interior work spaces in Denver.