Healthier Hospitals Initiative & Sustainability

What is the Healthier Hospitals Initiative?

“The Healthier Hospitals program is a call-to-action for an entire industry. It is an invitation for health care organizations across the country to join the shift to a more sustainable business model, and a challenge for them to address the health and environmental impacts of their sector.

By creating a collaborative setting which engages all stakeholder groups and gives each individual player the tools they need to succeed, HH has created a platform to help health care organizations affect widespread, meaningful change — and measure their impact.” –

Sustainability is something that is important to all of our manufacturers. It is another reason that makes it easy for us to stand behind all of our partners. From a veneer manufacturer, Halcon, who keeps environmentalism as part of their core philosophy to a waste receptacle manufacturer, Magnuson Group, who can provide us with the knowledge to correctly separate our recycling and more. We are proud to contribute what we can to saving the planet from pollution and waste. See the documents below for specific HHI approved products and sustainability statements.

HHI Ideon, SitOnIt, & Symmetry

HHI Three-h Products

HHI HBF Products & Textiles

HHI Enwork

Stylex Sustainability Statement

Halcon Sustainability Certification

Magnuson Group Sustainability Statement