HBF Textiles: Spring 2020 Collection

HBF Textiles: Spring 2020 Colection

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Spring 2020 speaks to our mantra at HBF Textiles, we embrace yarn and the narrative it brings to the surface of a material. Each design within this collection is unique and has a personality through the yarns it employs. This collection offers fitting solutions for hospitality, corporate and residential projects.

  • Spring 2020 boasts a lofty, linear chenille, a buttery soft nubuck, a rich sculpted sherpa and a layered grid with a linen-like ground
  • These four designs dovetail beautifully with permanent collection patterns like Sister Solid, Mirage and Modern Tweed (see next page for color groups with these patterns incorporated)
  • 36 colorways from velvety retro olive to mouthwatering caramel to dusky violet greys; colors that conjure up a specific hue
  • This series is third party certified, SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold, and 3 of the 4 patterns are Healthier Hospital Initiative (HHI) V2 Compliant
  • Post-consumer recycled polyester from PET (pop bottles) is utilized in Curtain Wall which doubles as a wrapped panel/systems panel AND as an upholstery solution
  • Developed with signature mills and tanneries from the US and abroad
  • All woven patterns are heavy duty. Wyzenbeek results range from 30,000 to 100,000 double rubs
  • Priced from $44-$80 per yard for the wovens and $15 a square foot for the nubuck suede


Landscape Blur

Landscape Blur was inspired by images seen though a fast-moving train window as the landscape blurred past in linear streaks of color.

Third party certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold and HHI V2 Compliant. $80/Yard.

Landscape Blur Textile



Our faux fur Sherpa cloth is a distressed material with a lustrous hi-lo pile suggesting the patina of time.

Third-party certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold. $44/Yard

Sherpa HBF Textile



Nothing feels more luxurious than a nubuck suede. Persuede is a top grain velour leather with a heavy nap that is soft, round and natural.

Third-party certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold. $15/Square Foot.



Curtain Wall

Like an architectural curtain wall, our Curtain Wall features shifting grids in varying scales giving it an appealing graphic quality. The etched lines are juxtaposed against a linen-like ground. Made with 81% recycled content, 38% of which is post-consumer from PET (upcycled soda pop bottles)!

Third-party certified SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold. $46/Yard.

Curtain Wall