Three-H Multistations OS

Open Plan

Whether you need to create call centers, multiple-user workstations or private offices within an open space, MultiStations OS sets a new benchmark in refined styling and functional versatility by combining the best of systems and casegoods furniture.

The aesthetic hallmark of MultiStations OS is the refined horizontal styling of its panel tiles, an intentional deviation from traditional vertical panel frames, that create seamless panels without vertical obstructions. Panel width span up to 84″ without vertical posts, producing the ideal showcase for highlighting rich wood grains or solid laminate colors.

Complementing accessories and worksurfaces balance form and function. Additional stacking tile options include clear or translucent glass framed in aluminum, double-sided tack boards, and whiteboard writing surfaces.

Pricing includes a 4-pack workstation with rectangle desks, Multistations OS dividers with tack board and clear glass tiles, box + file drawers, and power/data.

$22,985 Manufacturer: Three H Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks Size: 147"OW x 147"OD