Stylex Sava Upholstered Conference Chair


Designed by award-winning architect Sava Cvek and backed by more than half a century of Stylex know-how, SAVA® represents a revolution in control, comfort, and movement. Its groundbreaking Balanced Tilt mechanism functions through a set of user-friendly, clearly visible paddle adjustments to optimize the seated experience. With its flexible seat pan and a back that pivots around a forward point under that seat, the chair delivers correct geometry to achieve a grounded, remarkably responsive ride that is both poised and effortless for a wide range of individuals. In fact, SAVA has been fully tested for users up to 325 pounds.

Price includes medium back, fixed d-arms, and C.O.M. upholstery.

$1,633 Manufacturer: Stylex Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks Size: 23.5w 16.5-18.5d x 37.5-42.5h