SitOnIt Nano Triangle


Everything about Nano is easy – it’s simple to design, configure and clean with worry-free maintenance. There are four curated, comfortable pieces that fit together seamlessly to create whatever shape you need. They can work as standalone pieces or be put together to create thousands of configurations at an uneatable price.

Features include:

  • Four shapes: Triangle, Diamond, Trapezoid, and Boomerang
  • Dual upholstery options for a more refined look
  • Two Solid Surface and Five Laminate top options for the Triangle and Diamond shapes
  • Fixed and adjustable glide options
  • Mobile and easy to move, or make permanent with ganging brackets
  • 400 lb weight capacity (per seat position)
  • All options and textiles ship in 10 days
$580 Manufacturer: SitOnIt Lead Time: 3 - 6 weeks Size: 17"OH x 23"OW x 21"OD