SitOnIt Composium Sharp Club Chair


The most robust lounge seating collection from SitOnIt, Composium lets you choose from three back styles, four arm styles, four valances and dozens of foot styles plus thousands of fabrics for a custom seating solution. These are easy to maintain with field replaceable parts and durable steel rail construction that withstands tough environments.

  • Chair, settee, sofa, ottoman, 3 sizes of bench
  • 3 back styles: square, round and scalloped
  • 4 arm styles: sharp, flair, curve and round
  • 4 valance styles: full, integrated, 3/4 and arched
  • 17 foot styles including casters, brushed aluminum angular and wood tapered cylinder
  • Optional power modules installed on the front of all models
  • Multiple upholstery
  • 1000+ textiles in 10 days
$2,006 Manufacturer: SitOnIt Lead Time: 3 - 6 weeks Size: 34"OH X 31"OW X 28"OD