HBF Fulton Rocker


The Fulton Rocker, by Scott Wilson, re-envisions a traditional classic as a timeless, modern design. Fulton pairs an upholstered lounge of generous proportions with elegant materials to elevate the category of wood rocking chairs, creating a soothing experience in a high-energy collaborative work environment or a quiet room.

This tranquil piece is gently cushioned in the lower back and seat, offered in both Ash and Walnut. The inner shell can be upholstered in the user’s fabric of choice, and is a piece that can feel truly personal. Fulton’s use extends beyond the office; this piece is equally at home in residences as it is in hospitality or commercial spaces. Its inviting shape and gentle motion make it approachable and timeless.

$4,880 Manufacturer: HBF Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks Size: 39.75"OH x 34"OW x 39.38"OD